How to Request Testing from the DUHS Clinical Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

        Requests for testing from our laboratory can be made by a US liscenced physician on behalf of their patient. If you are a physician and have not used the services of our laboratory previously or if you are a physician whose practice is outside of the Duke University Health System, please contact us

Test Request Forms

We have three different test request forms. If you are unsure which is the correct for to use, please contact the laboratory. Be as complete as possible when filling out these forms. If your patient is within the Duke system, all demographics and billing information can be excluded. If you are a physician outside of the DUHS system, the form you need may not be available online. Please contact the laboratory for additional information.

Gemeral Test Requisition Form General Test Requisition Form. This is for DUHS internal clients only.
Hematopathology Combined Requisition Form Hematopathology Combined Requisition Form (also for DUHS Clients Only).
Medical Genetics Requisition Form Medical Genetics Requisition Form. This for is for external (Non-DUHS) physicians.

Informed Consent

For some tests, patient informed consent is required. Informed consent requirements are noted on the test requisition forms. Informed consent is the responsibility of the ordering physician. No testing will be performed without a physician of record who is able to consent their patient. In addition, results are sent to the ordering physician, not to the patient directly. This gives the ordering physician an opportunity to explain the results of testing. If you need help with informed consent or with the interpretation of test results, please contact the laboratory.